About Us

eggplant in bloomMarrying Mediterranean agricultural tradition with American productivity.

Founded in the 1950s by the family’s visionary grandfather Juan Stamos, Malena Produce successfully marries Mediterranean agricultural tradition with today’s progressive supply system.

Now in our third generation of family ownership, our mission is to be an international model for socially-responsible and sustainable produce operations, offering premium quality to our customers.  Our goal is to help you stay competitive in a challenging marketplace.

The company’s U.S. corporate headquarters in Southern Arizona is run by an experienced and dedicated team of agribusiness, finance and sales experts.  This means careful planning and organization, and strategic implementation that ensure every customer receives optimum service.

Our Mexico production is also headed by specialists with decades of agricultural expertise.   With over ten packing operations, dozens of grower partners and hundreds of workers depending on us, we deliver much more than mere truckloads.  Instead, we bring fresh solutions to retailers, wholesalers, processors, foodservice distributors and operators to help keep their produce programs innovative and profitable.

While we’re known as “the eggplant experts” —  thanks to our popular Malena Brand label — we also supply an extensive line-up of leading winter vegetables.  Come Spring we launch the fruit season with our best-selling melons and grapes.  (Learn about our line-up in our Products & Promotions page, above)

Today, more than ever, you need a supplier who not only offers assortment year-round, but can procure and load whatever else you need.  You also benefit from a comprehensive marketing program to help you manage and promote key categories.

Most importantly, you need the assurance of a top-rated distributor who cares about your success.   As one of the premier fresh produce shippers throughout North and Latin America, we’re proud to be your partner!

Call us at 520-281-1533 or email:  dstoller@malenaproduce.com for more information on our products, systems and services.

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